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70th Anniversary: From plough through practice to policy. University of Reading, UK

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Speakers to date include:

  •     Tim Wheeler (Reading, UK) Food security, crops and climate change
  •     Francisco Barberan (Murcia, Spain) Phytochemical production, action and human health
  •     Ian Givens (Reading UK) Milk in the diet: Good or bad for vascular disease?
  •     Alan Dangour (London, UK) Integrative research in agriculture and health
  •     Albert Flynn (Cork, Republic of Ireland) Health claims EFSA viewpoint
  •     David Richardson (DPR Nutrition, UK) Preparing dossiers: strength of the evidence and problems of proof
  •     Jo Wills (Brussels, Belgium) Consumer perception of claims
  •     Jung-Sang Kim (Daegu, South Korea) Biofunction of isoflavones in cancer
  •     Rudolph Kaaks (Heidelberg, Germany) Obesity, endogenous hormones and prostate cancer
  •     Janice Drew (Aberdeen, UK) Obesity and Colon cancer – adipokine signalling, molecular mechanisms, animal models.
  •     Michelle Harvie (Manchester, UK) Strategies for prevention of obesity related cancer
  •     John Reynolds V (Dublin, UK) Metabolic syndrome, central obesity and insulin resistance and postmenopausal breast cancer

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