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Sports Nutrition Course for dietitians 2012

Website: www.sportsdietitians.com.au [1]

Programme: Main Topics [2]

Who: Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) [1]


Sports Dietitians Australia’s Sports Nutrition Course will educate you in how to convert the science of sports nutrition into practical and meaningful interventions for athletes and coaches. Nationally and internationally recognised sports nutrition professionals incorporate the latest information on sports nutrition and provide personal insight in working with athletes.

Topics include:

  • Principles of Training & Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Nutrition Principles for Training & Recovery
  • Sport Supplements
  • Nutrition for Endurance Sports
  • Nutrition for Team Sports
  • Weight Gain & Protein Requirements for Athletes
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Weight Loss for athletes
  • Hydration assessment and interventions

Pratical Advice from the experts on:

  • Getting Involved in Sports Nutrition
  • Working with Athletes & Teams
  • Research in Sports Nutrition
  • How to Overcome Performance Issues
  • Planning a performance nutrition program.

Registration Includes:

  • Required textbook (Burke & Deakin, Clinical Sports Nutrition,4th Edition)
  • Course USB resource
  • Course certificate
  • Morning & afternoon tea
  • AIS Dining Hall Lunch daily
  • Friday night dinner

Πηγή: www.sportsdietitians.com.au [1]

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