6th Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association Conference with International Participation


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with pleasure and pride that the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association invites you to
the Educational Event: 6th Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association Conference with International
Participation with the Theme: “Life Cycle Nutrition” which will be held between 23rd-
26th of September 2010 at the Hilton hotel in Nicosia.

CyDNA and the organizing committee of the 6th CyDNA conference are much honored to
host the EFAD 21st General Meeting from 23rd to 25th September 2010 which will be held
concurrently with the CyDNA conference. Moreover, we are privileged that this conference
is considered an American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA) Regional Conference for
2010. Our common goals are education, professional networking and fun time for all the
delegates. Also, the conference committee is happy to present the innovation of one day
(23rd of September) open for the public event which aims to offer nutrition awareness to
the public.

This year’s conference theme is Nutrition through the Life Cycle.
The life cycle approach to nutrition provides an opportunity to look at the individual as she/
he passes through the various life stages, as well as enabling the professional dealing with
nutrition to look at the entire population distributed at any given time throughout the various
stages in the life cycle.

Thus, a life cycle approach can help us to assess risks at various life stages, recognize
important environmental influences that may be inimical to good nutrition and health, and
identify key interventions at the various stages in the life cycle to prevent or deal with these
external factors. An understanding of the importance of the life cycle approach implies that
we recognize that ensuring good nutrition and healthy lifestyles is a life-long process.
Existing information in nutrition and its basic sciences foundations reflects our hastily shifting
world, including changing food supply, a growing population, and an expanding scientific
knowledge. Nutrition is rapidly emerging as a vital component in personal health care and
in national and international health policies to meet human needs.

Primary means of promoting health and preventing diseases rest on a wholesome food
supply, the sound nutrition it provides and the health benefits received from the nutrients
and non-nutrient substances in food.

The organizing and scientific committee of the conference scheduled the scientific program
so as to offer variety and diversity of subjects in order to emphasize the role of the dietitian
in the whole spectrum of health and community and the necessity to be considered an
indispensable member of the health care team and the health care providers.

The three day conference covers subjects by an international and local faculty of experts.
The subjects have been selected to give a broad and in depth overview of a number of
contemporary and traditional topics in dietetics. The conference is addressed not only to
dietetic professionals but also to physicians, trainees, nurses, and other health professionals.
The conference will offer CME/CPE hours.

It is our privilege that the Ministry of Health, as well as the European Federation of the Association
of Dietitians, the American Overseas Dietetic Association and the Cyprus Registration Board
for Food Scientists, Food Technologists and Dietitians have placed this conference under
their auspices. Many thanks to all the International Dietetic Associations for their support.
Finally, on behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to express our gratitude to all
of our sponsors for making possible this conference and the concurrent food & products

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference and find it educational, stimulating, with a
great opportunity to network with other health professionals.
On behalf of Organizing and Scientific Committee