Alpro Foundation call for research grant


The Alpro Foundation is calling for applications for innovative research projects in the area of plant-based diets: impact on human health and the planet to encompass studies on the role of plant-based foods on environmental sustainability and human health. Projects in the area of health should be based on human studies (animal studies and in vitro studies are not eligible), and should focus on foods (not supplements).

Applications are accepted for a maximum of €50.000 (all costs included, VAT and overhead costs) per year and the duration period cannot exceed 2 years.

Only research topics which are endorsing the objectives of the AF can be taken into consideration.

The criteria on which the proposals will be judged are: innovation, relevance to Alpro Foundation aims, feasibility and budget.


Funding policy

The Alpro foundation has the policy of funding documented direct costs of the projects. Alpro Foundation is an independent charity and does not fund unspecified indirect and overhead costs exceeding 20%. The Alpro Foundation will not support travel cost or investment in permanent equipment. If the research project involves the use of human volunteers, payment for volunteers would be accepted. If the project is already receiving other funds, this should be notified in the application.

Alpro Foundation does not normally fund: projects with low public health relevance; research on food policy, food production and food technology except when linked to an intervention with high potential for sustainable improvement of the nutritional status; in vitro and/or animal experiments and literature reviews.



Eligible applicants:

- are residents in a European country;

- should hold at least a Master in Science degree or equivalent.


Selection procedure

Short proposals have to be submitted by May 31, 2014. The scientific board of Alpro Foundation will make a short list of proposals which will be invited for the next selection by June 30, 2014. If invited for the long proposal, this has to be submitted by August 31, 2014 midnight. Final decision on the grant will be communicated by October 15, 2014.


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