Call for nominations for Committee Members for the EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Network (ESDN) for Obesity Committee


EFAD is calling for nominations of specialist dietitians who wish to contribute to the work of the committee for the ESDN Obesity.

Some of the advantages of committee membership will include:

1. Increased knowledge of EU policy in field of Obesity
2. Recognition as an EFAD expert
3. Possibility of representing EFAD or ESDN as an expert
4. Access to a network of specialists

Committee members will not be reimbursed for their work, but any previously approved expenses incurred on behalf of EFAD will be reimbursed.

Terms of Reference for ESDN Committee members

Purpose: To promote the role of the dietitian in the specialist field

1. To develop and update position papers and briefing papers on the role of the dietitian in the specialist field
2. To develop advanced competence statements for dietitians working in the specialist field
3. To liaise as appropriate with other European professional groups and monitor the developments in education and LLL of other health professionals in the specialist field
4. To liaise with other EFAD committees to develop the specialty in Education, Research and Professional Practice.
5. To develop research proposals (research questions, design, and methodology) in order to promote the participation of dietitians in EU and other research projects.
Membership of the ESDN Committee will be for 4 years (2018 – 2022).The committee will meet virtually approximately every 4-6 weeks.
As members of an EFAD committee the “terms of reference for standing committees” outlined in the governance document (see appendix 1) apply. In addition there are specific terms of reference for committee members of each ESDN (see appendix 2).

Selection Criteria

- A qualification in dietetics
- Have at least 5 years of experience (practical and/or research) in the specialist field. An advanced practitioner/specialist may also be considered an expert
- Be able to demonstrate advanced competence in the specialist field (see European Dietetic Advanced Competences(EDAC) for definitions and competences)
- Be supported by two referees to provide further evidence of expertise
- Willingness to actively contribute to the work of the ESDN Committee
- Membership of an EFAD member organisation (or a Higher Education Institute eligible* for, and planning to apply for, EFAD Education Associate Membership when possible)
(Note: if the supporting HEI does not join EFAD the candidate will be asked to resign their position)

Selection process

- The Executive Committee will decide which of their members will be involved in the selection panel.
- After the deadline for nominations has passed all nominations and supporting  documentation will be forwarded to the selection panel.
- Their decisions will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval.
- The decision of the Executive Committee is final, and discussion with candidates or nominating organisations will not be entered into.
- All candidates will be informed of the decision of the Executive Committee by email.

Nomination procedure

Nominations must be accompanied by:
- Curriculum Vitae
- Letter of motivation
- Letter of recommendation from an EFAD member National Dietetic Association or Higher Education Institute (HEI). Should an HEI’s nominee be selected, that HEI will be expected to apply for “Education Associate Membership” of EFAD
- Two references providing evidence of expertise

Deadline for nominations – 12 April 2018

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