Call for nominations for Committee Members for the EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Network (ESDN) for Oncology Committee


EFAD is calling for nominations of specialist dietitians who wish to contribute to the work of the committee for the ESDN Oncology.

Some of the advantages of committee membership will include:

  1. Increased knowledge of EU policy in field of Oncology
  2. Recognition as an EFAD expert
  3. Possibility of representing EFAD or ESDN as an expert
  4. Access to a network of specialists

Committee members will not be reimbursed for their work, but any previously approved expenses incurred on behalf of EFAD will be reimbursed.

Deadline for nominations – 12 April 2018

Send your nomination, with all accompanying documents to: Judith Liddell EFAD Executive Director

Please find attached the call  here