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Call for nominations for Leads of EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Networks for Diabetes and Primary Care

EFAD is looking for dietitians to lead the European Specialist Dietetic Networks (ESDN) for Diabetes and Primary Care.

Terms of Reference for EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Networks (ESDN)

Purpose: To contribute towards meeting and advancing the aims, missions and values of EFAD and promoting EFAD policies as described in the Strategic Plan.

The ESDNs will also be used to embed European Dietetic Advanced Competences, the Lifelong Learning strategy and to take forward the work of DIETS:

1. Enable dietitians with an interest in a specialty field to exchange views and experiences

2. Progress the development of European excellence in dietetics and nutrition

3. Develop European specialist dietetic competences

4. Identify experts who can represent EFAD and dietetics in related scientific and/or professional events and in other areas as needed (press conferences/interviews etc).

5. Develop and teach Lifelong Learning courses

6. Promote an evidence-based approach to dietetics and nutrition

ESDN members will not be reimbursed for their work, but any previously approved expenses incurred on behalf of EFAD will be reimbursed.

Deadline for nominations – 12 April 2018

Send your nomination, with all accompanying documents to: Judith Liddell EFAD Executive Director secretariat@efad.org [1]

Please find attached the Call for nomination for leads of EFAD ESDNs Diab and PC 2018 [2]

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