Call for public consultation: WHO Statement on Public Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results


EFAD LOFOFor the next 30 days the World Health Organization welcomes a public consultation on the official WHO statement regarding public accessibility of clinical trial results. During the consultation period the public can send their feedback on the WHO statement to make all clinical trial results openly accessible. This measure comes after the WHO established the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform to improve research transparency, but found that more work was needed to ensure that trials were registered and their results made available. The WHO statement supports the disclosure of clinical trial results to enhance transparency for the public.

Please download  the comment form you will find at the following website  and enter comments into the Word file. Email completed comment forms to:

The deadline for comments is 15/11/2014


On November 10th Hellenic Dietetic Association sent his opinion to WHO. HDA’s opinion is that all clinical trial results should be openly accessible.