Cost-effectiveness oral nutritional supplements in hospitals, community and care homes


Dear ENHA members,

At the successful ‘Optimal Nutritional Care for All’ (ONCA) implementation conference in Berlin last November, Dr Kristina Norman from the Charite University hospital Berlin, presented two new comprehensive systematic reviews examining the cost and cost-effectiveness of using oral nutritional supplements (ONS) in hospital and community care settings.

The researchers found that managing malnutrition with ONS can produce an average cost saving of around 10% compared to standard care across a broad range of patient groups. In hospital patients most of the cost savings are driven by improved patient outcomes such as fewer complications and fewer deaths, and in surgical patients a shorter hospital stay by 2 days (or ~13%).

Through the multi-disciplinary ONCA approach, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders have a crucial role in tackling disease relating malnutriton/undernutrition by implementing effective screening, treatment and monitoring programmes for patients at risk in all healthcare settings.

We would like to encourage you to dissemninate this new evidence among your members and partners (see HOPE newsletter as example) and consider to put it on your agenda’s.

Κind regards,

Olle Ljungqvist, chair & Frank