EFAD Call for applications for Project Lead


EFAD is seeking to recruit a Project Lead for a study entitled:

Assessing health professional’s knowledge regarding snacks, dried fruit and dental health: a survey of European dietitians and dentists”


EFAD is looking to recruit a project lead to conduct a research study assessing health professional’s knowledge on dental health and snacking. This quantitative study aims to gather the views of two different health professions (dentists and dietitians) in the importance of targeting diet as a common risk factor, their experiences and barriers in addressing conflicting health messages on diet, and their recommendations for better cross-professional coordination

This study will be conducted by a project lead and one research assistant (student nutritionist/ dietitian). The study will be in English and the report will be in English.

Role of the Project Lead

The project lead will be responsible for the delivery of the project on time, on budget and within the contractual obligations.

In addition, the project lead will be expected to:

  • Recruit a research assistant- this can be an undergraduate student studying full-time, in a relevant discipline at a Higher Education Institution (HEI).
  • Draft reports and prepare written materials on the progress of the study
  • Produce evidence based papers for publication in e.g.in peer reviewed journals of the results and outcomes of the project deliverables.
  • The project lead would be completely independent with access to their own research infrastructure.
  • The project lead would have substantial experience in research and project management, a track record of high quality peer reviewed publications, and an excellent track record in obtaining research funding, including larger funds for research teams and infrastructure. Knowledge transfer and commercialisation experience should also be taken into consideration.


  1. To develop, evaluate, refine and agree a robust project plan using the outline and deliverables already agreed with EFAD and the funder.
  2. To manage and oversee the research study and to take responsibility for its overall success
  3. To seek ethical approval for the study and manage the study in a professional and ethical manner.
  4. To appoint a research assistant (e.g. undergraduate student) to collect data
  5. To interact closely with the research student who is conducting the study and support this student in the day to day running of the project as their academic supervisor.
  6. To maintain records, analyse data and produce reports which are fully accessible to EFAD and the funder
  7. To manage and respond to project related emails and other communication channels
  8. To attend project meetings and other meetings as necessary
  9. To prepare progress reports for the EFAD Project Manager and funder as required
  10. To prepare papers, articles, reports, and presentations
  11. To manage own time and monitor the project budget

Competences required of Project Lead


  • A qualifying undergraduate or postgraduate award in dietetics
  • A doctorate in nutrition or dietetics
  • Experienced driver of research projects and outputs
  • Member of an NDA or HEI that is a member of EFAD
  • Proven track record in research, publication and dissemination of results (on time and on budget)
  • Experience of research student supervision
  • Strong organisational ability to work independently on own initiative according to project brief
  • Ability to communicate instructions and ideas effectively, both written and verbal, in English (Spoken and written English at C1 level)
  • Excellent communication skills and especially ability to translate scientific information for dietitians
  • Experience of using a range of communication tools to reach target groups e.g. via the web
  • Writing EU level reports in English, which have successfully undergone peer review, or other equivalent external validation process
  • Project leader skills
  • Ability to work at distance/virtually on own initiative, systematically, accurately and transparently

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Project lead will be recruited on a consultancy basis, for 6 months and will be responsible to the EFAD Project Manager
  2. The Project lead, who can be based anywhere within Europe, will be required to provide his/her own work space and tools (office/computer/internet access/telephone etc.)
  3. The remuneration will be €1,200 for 6 months for 0.05 Full Time Equivalent (approximately 2.0 hours a week).
  4. Remuneration is available for a research assistant (The remuneration will be €1,147 for approx. 4 months ,approximately 8 hours a week).
  5. Funding for this project is provided by California Prunes. This funding source has no role in the design of this study and will not have any role during its execution, analyses, interpretation of the data, or decision to submit results.
  6. Full terms and conditions will be described in Consultancy Contract

Selection Process:

  1. A call for applications will be sent to all EFAD networks and everyone in the EFAD stakeholder database (including other EU organisations).
  2. Applicants will be requested to submit a Curriculum Vitae, names of two referees and a letter of motivation
  3. A Selection panel will select candidates for interview, using sift criteria based on criteria mentioned in call (and advice from NDAs if deemed necessary)
  4. Virtual interviews will be conducted using Skype or other VOIP
  5. References of suitable candidates will be collected and assessed
  6. Selection panel will make recommendations to the Executive Committee of EFAD
  7. Successful candidate informed & appointed

Informal enquires can be made to Samantha Cushen, EFAD Project Manager Samantha.cushen@efad.org

To apply

For the post of Project Lead please send:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Names and contact details of two referees

To: Judith Liddell, EFAD Executive Director secretariat@efad.org  by April 27 2018