EFAD Conference 2018 – Newsletter 8 – July 2018


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Keynote speaker Machteld Huber about Positive Health










Machteld Huber, former GP, turned to research after her own experience as patient. She formulated a dynamic concept of health besides the WHO definition and in elaborating this concept she discovered the patients broad health perception. She named this perception ‘Positive Health’ and visualized it in a six dimensions spiderweb.

This approach meets broad recognition among professionals and patients. In 2015 she initiated the Institute for Positive Health (iPH) to support the implementation of this concept in healthcare and public health. Machteld Huber was rewarded with the ZonMw Pearl in 2012 and elected as most influential person in public health in 2015. During the presentation Machteld Huber will explain the origin and application of Positive Health.

The way in which ‘health’ is defined has a significant influence on how we organize and use health care. The requirement of ‘complete well-being’ in the WHO definition has unintentionally contributed to medicalisation: 95% of the present healthcare budget is spent on medication and intervention. Due to this focus, patients and healthcare providers often overlook other options for leading a high-quality, meaningful life with an illness.