EFAD Legume project – Opportunity for participation!

Dear Colleagues,
EFAD has been asked to join a bid for H2020 funding promoting the health benefits of legumes.
Areas of involvement will include:
  • Identification of the potential health benefits of pulses in human health
Evaluate the effect of the consumption of pulses in the European countries and their potential health effects.
Circulate this info between all European dieticians associations and transfer this info across other actors particularly consumers, retailers and farmers
obtain accurate information on the consumption of pulses in the diet patterns of the two European diets (Mediterranean and Continental) and their potential health benefits.
  • Sustainability of diets including pulses
Highlight the benefits associated to diets based on pulses consumption.
Collaborate in the design of healthy and sustainable diets reducing both the risk of imbalanced consumption habits regarding energy dense and highly processed foods
The overall objective is to increase the social awareness on the relevance of a better nutrition, including a high percentage of pulses, for the population in the European countries relatively to the maintenance and promotion of nutritional health, reduction of socioeconomic health inequalities, and contribution to economic prosperity.
  • Making stakeholders aware of the relevance of using the pulses in the diet
Assist on show cooking in the retailers premises.
Help on preparation of leaflets to be disseminated by farmers.
Participate in workshops directed to the retailers and consumers supporting the value of pulses regarding the partly substitution of meat in the diets and their benefits for health.
Support activities aimed at dietitians and agrifood professionals.
  • Communication, dissemination and engagement
 If you are interested in being involved in this bid please send a short email outlining what you can contribute to secretariat@efad.org by  tomorrow Wednesday 1 February 2017.