EFAD Newsflash: Food Policy Highlights and Recent Publications


EFAD LOFODear Delegates,

There are two items in this week’s newsflash:

1. The European Commission’s round-up of latest developments and publications in nutrition and obesity.

2. The World Cancer Research Fund International’s Food Policy Highlights from Around the World which is a policy brief that identifies food policy actions in specific countries that promote healthier diets to address obesity and non-communicable diseases. The policy actions included in the brief represent good practice and can be tailored for application in other countries.

Food Policy Highlights from Around the World was developed from the NOURISHING framework that outlines the ten main areas where policy action is needed to promote healthy eating. NOURISHING also includes a regularly-updated database of implemented policy actions on healthy diets. The NOURISHING policy database has recently been updated and now contains 242 policy actions from over 90 countries! Please feel free to share the brief with your colleagues and networks – and do let policy@wcrf.org know if you know about any further implemented policy actions that could be included in the NOURISHING policy database.


Kindest regards



Judith Liddell

EFAD Secretary General