EFAD newsflash: paying for personalised nutrition advice, changing environments to reduce obesity in children, WHO Nutrient Profile model


EFAD LOFODear Colleagues,

There are three items in this week’s newsflash:

1. EUFIC report that by comparing opinions of consumers based in the UK with those in Ireland, researchers have found that while people in both countries prefer services to be driven by their governments, only those in the UK expect a free service, at point of delivery.

Paying for personalised nutrition advice may increase the motivation to stick to the service longer. http://www.eufic.org/page/en/show/latest-science-news/page/LS/fftid/Free_versus_fee_based_personalised_nutrition_key_factor_for_successful_consumer_uptake/>


2. EPODE, the world’s largest Obesity Prevention Network has released findings about the positive effects of VIASANO, a project to tackle obesity in children. http://epode-international-network.com/


3. The WHO have published a Nutrient Profile Model for use and adaptation by Member States of the WHO European Region when developing policies to restrict food marketing to children (attached)


Kindest regards

Judith Liddell

EFAD Secretary General