EFAD Newsletter 9 – August 2018



Vice President’s Message

 I have the honor to follow Professor Anne de Looy as acting President. What a job! Anne has said au revoir after almost eight years of excellent work as President of EFAD. We are very happy that she did such a marvellous job and we thank her. She leaves us with a healthy organization ready to face new challenges and to take advantage of all the opportunities we have as dietitians in a changing environment.

In particular, when Anne became President in 2010, she identified a major strategic aim for EFAD, which was finally achieved last month when EFAD was proposed for accreditation as a regional non-State actor in official relations with WHO Europe. As a result of this, EFAD hopes to join the 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee meeting in September. For more on this important development, see Anne’s article on the next page. At the EFAD conference in Rotterdam next month we hope to report back on progress towards the deliverables that are part of our agreement with WHO. The conference programme is available here: efadconference.com

I hope to see many of you in Rotterdam, in particular our colleagues from Austria, where from 1 July, following a change in the law, graduate qualified dietitians who wish to practice in Austria must be entered in the national Health Care Register. The establishment of this register for medical health care professions ensures long-term quality assurance and patient safety.

Congratulations Austrian dietitians!

Annemieke van Ginkel Res