EFAD Newsletter April 2018


The Voice of European Dietitians

President’s Farewell Message

This is my last Newsletter message as Honorary President of EFAD. After over seven years as President, I have decided that now is the right time for me to step down and for new blood to take EFAD forward.

Our Honorary Vice President Annemieke van Ginkel Res will take over the responsibilities of the President until the scheduled election of new honorary officers in September.

We have a splendid team at the top. They are strong and well able to continue to advance EFAD with new ideas and innovative solutions to the many professional challenges in Europe. I have every confidence that my stepping down will be the merest of blips in the smooth running and function of EFAD.

In 2003, the President at the time, Irene Mackay, first asked me to come and work with EFAD and since then I have experienced this time as one of enormous personal development and incredible camaraderie. I have always loved the profession of dietetics and that love has only grown from knowing so many dietitians across Europe.

I thank you all and wish EFAD the very best of good fortune in the future.

Anne de Looy


Sports & Physical Activity: Formation of new European Specialist Dietetic Network

In line with our mission of promoting dietetic knowledge amongst our members, EFAD has created a new specialist network: ESDN Sports and Physical Activity that involves specialists from across Europe.

The newly formed ESDN comprises two branches: Sports Nutrition and Physical Activity. Sports Nutrition will focus on nutritional techniques that may enhance performance. The Physical Activity branch will promote physical activity in the community, by pointing out the benefits that physical activity can have in health and quality of life.

The first tasks of this newly formed ESDN will be to define its mission and vision, to create a role statement and to collaborate with the other ESDNs, in order to promote physical activity. Future goals will include: educating colleagues via webinars, educating the community about the benefits of physical activity and educating athletes about sports nutrition.

The ESDN members have already planned a workshop on Sports Nutrition and Physical Activity at the EFAD Conference in Rotterdam in September.

Papaspanos Nikolaos

Clinical Dietitian Sports Scientist

Leader of ESDN Sports & Physical Activity