EFAD Newsletter November 2018


President’s Message

This is my first newsletter message as Honorary President of EFAD. I would like to thank the members who unanimously elected me at the 29th General Meeting in Rotterdam for their confidence in me.

During the 11th conference in Rotterdam we celebrated 40 years of EFAD. View the conference video here:https://efadconference.com/ to see how EFAD conferences are growing not only in numbers but also in quality.


At the celebration, we also recognized the contribution of some of the longer-serving members with the award of honorary memberships (details later in this newsletter). As EFAD moves forward, we can build on the years of dedication by professional dietitians, who recognised the importance of a European Federation.

In September, the 68th WHO Regional Committee of Health Ministers in Europe accredited EFAD as a non-state actor and invited EFAD to participate in future sessions of the committee. This offers EFAD an excellent opportunity for lobbying and to advocate for health in Europe, as well as showcasing how dietitians can contribute to that.

An advocacy task force will soon be writing an EFAD Position Paper on EU policy on food and nutrition. They will determine the message we want to convey and work to include EFAD’s agenda in the development of Health 2030. Their aims will be to promote health by demonstrating the added value that dietitians bring and by defining concrete policy objectives. This is an excellent opportunity for the leading voice of European dietitians to be heard.

Together with its two new members, the Executive Committee is developing work plans for 2019 and organizing the next conference in Berlin.

Annemieke van Ginkel Res


40 Years The Voice of European Dietitians

EFAD was established in 1978 and in September this year, at our General Meeting in Rotterdam, we celebrated this anniversary.



Right to Left:

New Honorary President, Annemieke van Ginkel Res (Netherlands)

Retiring President, Anne de Looy (England)

Chief Executive, Judith Liddell (Germany)



From Greece: Newly elected Honorary Vice President, Grigoris Risvas with Maria Hassapidou. Maria was made an Honorary  Member of EFAD; she co-leads the EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Network for Obesity and as an eminent academic, she chairs the EFAD Conference original research awards panel.