EFAD Planned requests for 2016


EFAD members have consistently asked EFAD to raise the profile of dietetics in Europe. One of the consequences of this is that increasing numbers of stakeholders now want to know more about EFAD, dietetics and dietitians and they seek our opinion. An example of this was the recent request from WHO for information about “nutritional care and obesity in hospitals and primary care”. When all the data is aggregated EFADs name will be on the WHO report that will be sent to all ministers of health in Europe and which EFAD members can also use locally. An excellent example of raising the profile of dietitians!

More requests will come – these are consequences of raising our profile. To reduce the number of requests to delegates it is planned that some will go only to HEIs and some only to NDAs. Others will be posted as consultations on the web site. The General Meeting remains the controlling body of EFAD. Members will always have the final say and the opportunity to veto. However, this is the plan to respond to the requests which will be received in 2016

EFAD recommends that delegates should engage the help of colleagues to enable them to manage the increasing level of work and to raise the awareness of EFAD within member states.

It is suggested that each association identifies up to14 different people, to each take responsibility for one of the following areas:

1. Dissemination of information from EFAD to members of member associations

2. Reporting association activities and national developments to EFAD

3. Organising responses to EFAD surveys/web discussions

4. EuDAP – (European Dietetic Action Plan) – briefing meetings will be arranged

5. EuHHAC (European Health Hydration Awareness Campaign)

6. Global Nutrition Forum – only those associations that wish to participate

7. Each of the European Speciality Dietetic Networks (Obesity, Older Adult, Diabetes, Oncology, Primary Care, Public Health, Food Service and Education)

In this way no one person will have too large a work load and EFADs influence will be spread further.

In order to be informed about the detailed EFAD planned requests for 2016 click here