EFAD Weekly Newsflash 27.10.2016



Call for new committee members and chairs

  • 1. ELLLC
    EFAD is looking for a new Chairperson and two new committee members to join the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee (ELLLC), from January 2017 to December 2020.
    Information on how to apply available on EFAD website
  • 2. ESDN Primary Care
    EFAD is calling for nominations of four to six specialist dietitians who wish to contribute to the work of the ESDN Primary Care committee from January 2017 to December 2020.
    Information on how to apply available on EFAD website
  • 2. ESDN Public Health
    EFAD is calling for nominations for someone to lead the ESDN Public Health committee for the next 4 years.
    Information on how to apply available on EFAD website

Member News

Thomas More University College in Belgium 
kindly invites you to two upcoming international events:

  • 7-8-9 december: the Businett-diabetes symposium
    will highlight different aspects of diabetes type 1 during pregnancy and childhood. In the programme, the view of the African continent is included. Some African speakers are included in the programme (update of programme on 9/12 is coming soon).
  • 14-17 March 2017: 13th International days at Thomas More
    in the theme of “Human rights through the eyes of the younger generation”. Within the discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics, the basic right to healthy food may be connected to this overall theme.
    You are welcome to teach our students and colleagues about this theme or about your own field of expertise.

You can find more information here

European News

Fast food outlets by local authority
People generally have easy access to cheap, highly palatable and energy-dense food frequently lacking in nutritional value, such as fast food. Data on density of fast food outlets by local authority are presented here in a map, along with a chart displaying the relationship between density of fast food outlets and area deprivation.


The ECsafeSEAFOOD project invites you and all interested scientists, researchers, students, industry representatives, policy makers, food safety authorities and other stakeholders with an interest in seafood safety issues to participate and attend the International Stakeholder Event & Open Science Meeting entitled “Seafood Safety: New Findings & Innovation Challenges”, which will take place at the Royal Flemish Academy of Science and the Arts in Brussels, Belgium, on 25-26 January 2017. For more information and details please visit the website of the conference at www.ecsafeseafoodconference.com


Nutrition Bulletin has produced a Virtual Issue entitled Nutrition in the early years – laying the foundations for healthy eating. This includes twelve papers, all of which are free to download and can be accessed via the Nutrition Bulletin website: http://bit.ly/2dQFj5s


Eat & Live Well
was launched on 17 October 2016. It is an informative overview of over 150 case studies detailing actions undertaken by Europe’s food and drink sector to help fight obesity and related NCDs. As part of FoodDrinkEurope’sFramework Commitment to the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, this initiative gathers a wide range of existing and new actions taken by national food and drink federations, European sectors and individual companies (including SMEs) to promote healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.You can find a press release here



World Health Organisation
The World Health Organization has published a new report titled “Fiscal policies for Diet and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs)”. The report is based on a series of consultations with experts and systematic reviews. The report is available here .


World Obesity, WCRF International and NCD Alliance coordinated a joint response to the WHO’s draft Implementation Plan to support the recommendations made by the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity published earlier this year. The joint response was supported by an additional 20 NGO signatories from a range of issue areas. Read more


Week of Learning: from October 24-30, you’ll be able to access over 5,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning, and it’s all completely free (no fine print, no catches, and no credit card required).


Food at the heart of healthy and sustainable cities
This week, the topic of cities will be in the global spotlight at the Habitat III conference, in Quito, Ecuador. This event will result in the finalisation of the New Urban Agenda – a policy document that will guide urban development across the globe for the next two decades. One of our greatest health challenges is ensuring a safe, affordable, nutritious and sustainable diet to the urban population.
Urban planning and effective zoning can support local food businesses and facilitate the production, storage, transport and marketing of fresh and healthy produce to consumers. A position paper proposed by GAIN and supported by other groups outlines the opportunities to prioritise urban food security in the Habitat process.