ENDietS bulletin – 16 March 2015


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Dear Delegates,

We would like to share the first ENDietS bulletin with all the latest news and activities from the European Network for Dietetic Students with you.



Bulletin – 16 March 2015

Upcoming events

• We are happy to announce to hold our first free webinar on Thursday 26th March (19:00-20:00 Central European Time), including

  1. A presentation by the ENDietS presidents to introduce the network
  2. Promotion and information about the 9th EFAD conference in Amsterdam
  3. A poster presentation from our education anchors from Estonia with an update on their research


Life Well (http://livewellforlife.eu ) organizes a free webinar “Challenging the myth of cheap food” on 31st March 2015. LifeWell for Life will be followed up by our Sustainability anchor Giralde.


Trending on ENDietS Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/ENDietS)

• A Hungarian student asked for assistance through ENDietS Facebook to help her increase the response for her thesis research. Her study objective is to compare the eating habits in Hungary and in Austria and she needed more answers from Austria. ENDietS proved to have an impact because she only needed a few more participants after the posting.

• Information on a summer school in Utrecht (7-10 July 2015) for master and PhD students.

• Our ENDietS anchor for online communication (Sonja Gruenzweil) uploaded some interesting visiting cards to introduce some of her colleague ENDietS anchors. This gives our visitors more insight in the ENDietS structure and who to contact for specific topics. Sonja will continue doing this over the following weeks.


New on ENDietS YouTube Channel


Welcome to ENDietS – An introduction

ENDietS presidents Amélie and Ann-Christin talk about our new network for dietetic students

Recipe: Greek salad

Our Greek students prepare a traditional Greek salad


ENDietS impact and activities

• EFAD e-journal has been sent out to all ENDietS members. This publication can also be found on our ENDietS Facebook

• The ENDietS anchors are currently working on the Conference program for the 9th EFAD Conference in Amsterdam from 23-24 October 2015. We will inform you about it soon through our different channels.


ENDietS members

• After our first call for registration at the end of February 2015, ENDietS has yet over 500 registered students and we received many positive reactions. We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm!

• These members will all receive our “ENDietS bulletin” twice a month.

• We will analyze the data of the registered members and give you an overview of this later on.

ENDietS Facebook has already over 600 followers


Link to register for ENDietS

Please register to ENDietS and invite other dietetic students to join us!!!


Kind regards,

The ENDietS team