ENDietS – European Network for Dietetic Students


EFAD LOFODear Colleagues,

ENDietS is a network which was established in 2014 by European dietetic students and they will start their student focused activities soon.

ENDiet S is addressed to every dietetic student in the world and as there is no member fee everyone can be part of it. The student network is internationally focused and clearly embedded within the EFAD.

We would like to invite each student to be a part of ENDietS, simply by completing the member registration here: http://www.efad.org/survey/index.php?sid=47181&lang=en


Further information

- An introduction video can be found on the EFAD-ENDietS website: http://www.efad.org/everyone/4622/5/0/32

- ENDiets is also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ENDietS/

- Reach us by email: ENDietS@efad.org


We are convinced that dietetic students will benefit from being a member of ENDietS!


Kind regards,

The ENDietS team