18th Seminar European Nutrition Leadership Programme, Luxembourg

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To develop, inspire and connect leaders within Europe to advance nutrition and health
- ENLP-Network Vision Statement

ENLP Young Investigator Award 2011 during 11th European Nutrition Conference see more

The ENLP-Network would like to achieve its vision via Leadership training programmes that initiate and catalyse possibilities to connect and inspire those with a desire to make a difference. Initiatives in which we strengthen the network, organise high quality sessions at large international nutrition conferences and communicate about the ENLP to the external world.

The European Nutrition Leadership Platfom (ENLP) aims to assist the development of future leaders in the field of human nutrition in Europe. During a 1-week course, held annually since 1994, emphasis is placed on understanding the qualities and skills of leadership, team building, communication and the role of nutrition and science in society. This is achieved through a varied and highly interactive programme, which includes role-playing, presentations, discussion groups and talks by leading European nutritionists.

Leadership, team-building and communication are the cornerstones of the ENLP course and training young nutritionists in these fields has generated an active network, which can help to create European approaches in nutrition and health and food safety.

The 30 participants at the programme are selected each year from final year PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, the food industry or government (age 35 or younger) and are all interested and active in food, nutrition and health at large, mainly from Europe. The selection process is undertaken by an international committee based on the individual’s application to the ENLP.

The programme is organised by a group of leading European nutritionists in close collaboration with major representatives from food industry and European nutrition organisations and societies. At the present time the course is organised by Wageningen University and mainly supported by Danone, Kraft Foods, Nestlé, DSM and Unilever (see ENLP Sponsorsa). Since March 2007, thirteen universities and institutes, who agreed to establish a formal alliance to promote research in Food and Health in Europe (ENABLE), are partnering the industrial sponsors of ENLP through direct funding when they have candidates who are successful in the ENLP selection process.

18th Seminar European Nutrition Leadership Programme, Luxembourg
Μαρτίου 28, 2012
Απριλίου 5, 2012