NutritionDay 2010

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The project “nutritionDay iworldwide” addresses improved patient safety and quality of care by raising awareness and increasing knowledge about disease related malnutrition.

The „nutritionDay“ project is charact-erised by the following attributes:
one day: Data collection takes place on one scheduled day throughout Europe.
easy: No special knowledge is needed for the implementation of the project. All necessary documents are provided by the coordinating centre.
native variety: The questionnaires are available in almost every European language. This enables the project to include minority groups of patients (e.g. migrants, non native speakers).
anonymous: Name and details of the participating centre and unit are encoded. This guarantees an anonymous handling and analysis of all participating units.
comparable: Each ward receives a comparison of it’s own results to reference data of all units of the same speciality type. Repeated participation allows benchmarking.

Data collection
Data collection is arranged as follows:

  1. unit general: unit organisation and structure (1 sheet per unit)
  2. unit all patients: questionnaire about all patients included into the audit (1 line per patient)
  3. patients’ questionnaires:
    • one sheet about weight monitoring, mobility and social contact
    • one sheet about nutritional behaviour on “nutritionDay” (1 sheet per patient)
  4. outcome: The patients’ situation is reasses-sed at a predetermined period after “nutritionDay” (discharged, transferred,…).

Collected data can either be transfer-red online or data sheets can be sent via mail to the coordinating centre.


NutritionDay 2010
Νοεμβρίου 4, 2010