World Nutrition Rio2012

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World Nutrition Rio2012 is one of the most important and exciting events to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. With a unique design and innovative approach, the world congress on public health nutrition will bring speakers and participants from all continents. Organised by the World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA) in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (ABRASCO), the congress will break new ground. It is being organised to serve as a space for dialogue, exchange and convergence among researchers, public policy managers, local-level professionals and activists in the field, and other persons working in areas related to Public Health Nutrition.

The overall theme of the congress is Knowledge, Policy and Action. This means the translation of the best evidence, to rational policies and effective programmes that will protect, preserve, and improve public health throughout the world.

World Nutrition Rio2012 will face the huge and complex challenges and crises that now confront those involved in public health nutrition. All the sessions of the congress have been designed to ensure discussion and debate, and to provide a forum for practitioners to share their experience, good and bad, so we can do thing better in the future.

Whoever sees Public Health Nutrition as a multidimensional field and is committed the reformulation of our food system from the perspective of making it environmentally and socially sustainable, based principles of social justice and democracy, cannot miss World Nutrition Rio2012!

Barrie Margetts
President of WPHNA

Luiz Augusto Facchini
President of ABRASCO

World Nutrition Rio2012
Απριλίου 27, 2012
Απριλίου 30, 2012
World Public Health Nutrition Association
Rio de Janeiro State University
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil