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To whom it may concern,

Do you use food composition tables in your work? Whether offering advice about diet on health and well-being or working to promote healthy eating, is the information you provide underpinned by the macro- and micro-nutrient composition of foods? Are you raising awareness about healthy eating? Do you need support with the calculation of composite and prepared meals?

EuroFIR AISBL provides a unique food information resource for academia, food and retail industries, food and biotech SMEs, dietetic organisations, public sector funding bodies and regulators as well as researchers, dieticians and students who need food composition data and/ or access to tools and resources to deliver end-user information (e.g. dietetic planning) or understand putative health benefits in research. More specifically, EuroFIR AISBL provides:

• A flexible, cost-effective range of benefits including access to food composition data (nutrients, bioactives and food allergens) from 26 EU Member States, Australia and New Zealand and the US

• Bespoke training and consultancy directly or via the Membership

• Research and development opportunities through the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme, and other national and international funding programmes

• Access to a European network of food composition data compilers, stakeholders, food industry including SMEs and other contacts worldwide


Free trial access is provided for potential members.


Please contact our Secretariat at or visit our website ( for further information.


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