Standardized Nutrition Terminology and more! – 11th HCND


The interview was recorded during the 11th Hellenic Congress on Nutrition & Dietetics, November 24th — 27th 2011, organized by the Hellenic Dietetic Association (, at «THEATRON» Cultural Centrer «Hellenic World».

You can hear Sylvia Escott — Stump, MA, RD, LDN, President of the American Dietetic Association talking about the Standardized Nutrition Terminology.

Q: Should we consider it as a global nutrition language?
A: I would say yes! It is going to be really helpful to work with WHO to have one language that is recognized through out the world. So, it is a language that any Dietitian can be using to address nutrition problems.

Q: The public is confused about nutrition. What is the role of the Registered Dietitians (RDs) in the US?
A: We have been working to communicate with the public the “3Ds of good health”: Everybody needs a Doctor, a Dentist and a Dietitian! In different times of life, we need them for different reasons. So, we need these simple messages: Dietitian is the person you should go to for nutrition information and good health.

Q: Do you have a message for Greek people being in the middle of a crisis and with a sicking health services?
A: It is a very important time to look at our budgets and how we can spend money about nutrition wisely. There are also inexpensive ways to eat healthy and nutritious meals at home. Using more beans, and less meat. Certainly Dietitian is the person to go to, to get that information and get these tips, on how to spend money wisely at times when it’s difficult to spread it around.