Statement by EFAD: Dietitians in Europe Definition, Profession and Education, July 2016


To be adopted at the General Meeting of the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), September 2016

The following statement provides a definition of a dietitian in Europe with an explanation of the education and profession of dietitians in Europe.

The document recognizes that the profession and practice of dietitians varies between European countries. While healthcare is the main work field, dietitians also improve the food and nutrition environment through their work in communities, food outlets, government, industry, academia and research. In consequence, this statement is intended to be used as a guide to threshold standards.

This statement can be used to inform other healthcare professionals, employers, educators, policy makers, clients and civil society together with other key stakeholders what they can expect when meeting and working with a qualified dietitian.

27.10.2 Revised Definition of a Dietitian

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