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Tufts University, Master of Nutrition Science and Policy, Blended Learning Program

The Master of Nutrition Science and Policy (MNSP) degree program spans the biological aspects of nutrition, the design and impact of nutrition programs, and applied analytical methods used to solve nutrition and lifestyle related problems and challenges. Following the closely-held Friedman School tenet that nutrition affects whole populations and regions, the program also extends into domestic and global policy areas that affect both nutrition and food security. The program is the only US-based nutrition program taught in a combination of on campus and online learning. View the complete MNSP curriculum [1].

Graduates from the Master of Nutrition Science and Policy program emerge with an understanding of nutrition policy and science, the skills needed to analyze and communicate nutrition-based research, and the ability to apply their learning to solve nutrition and lifestyle-related challenges. This program is ideal for professionals seeking career advancement or continuing education, those working in community-based or international nutrition programs, Registered Dietitians who would like a masters degree with a less-clinical curriculum and more basic science and policy, those with a DPD preparing for their internship, persons relatively new to the field of nutrition, and for individuals looking to further their understanding of nutrition so they can have a positive impact on their communities. Learn more about careers in nutrition [2].

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