The role of nutrition in the COVID-19 era: Scientific conclusions of an HDA webinar

“The role of nutrition in the COVID-19 era”: Scientific conclusions based on a webinar organized by the Hellenic Dietitian Association

In this report we present the main scientific conclusions of the webinar “The role of nutrition in the era of COVID-19: Prevention, treatment and the factor of obesity”. The webinar was organized by the Hellenic Dietetic Association (HDA), in collaboration with the Groups of Specialists in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management and Public Health. It was moderated by Dr. Dorina Sialverapresident of the HDA and Dr. Christina KatsagoniPresident of the Specialist Group of Clinical Nutrition.

Unit 1:

“Scientific evidence on the role of nutrition in the prevention of COVID-19: the role of vitamins and other micronutrients”:

Dr Anastasia Z. Kalea,Programme Director, MSc Obesity and Clinical Nutrition & MSc Clinical and Public Health Nutrition, Associate Professor, UCL Division of Medicine, Hon. Associate Professor, UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science

“Dietary habits during the lockdown and the role of healthy nutrition in the COVID-19 era” – Dr. Antonis Vlassopoulos, Research Fellow Agricultural University of Athens & International Hellenic University, Honorary Research Fellow University of Glasgow.

Unit 2:

“Obesity: a major risk factor for COVID-19 but also a result of restrictive measures. The paradoxical relationship with mortality “- Dr. Anastasia Kolombotsou, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Doctor of the Agricultural University of Athens, Hygienist M (Med) Sc

“Exploring potential mechanisms linking obesity to COVID-19” – Dr. Maria Baskini, Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, MSc, RD, PhD

Unit 3:

The closing session of the webinar included the clinical experience of colleagues regarding the nutritional management of patients with COVID-19, who need hospitalization. In these two presentations, distinguished clinical dietitians shared their knowledge of clinical practice within COVID-19 clinics, as well as recent recommendations for the nutritional treatment of patients:

Nutritional management of patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. Recommendations and experience in the hospitalDr. Paraskevi Detopoulou, Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, Head of Clinical Nutrition Department, General Hospital Korgialenio Benakeio.

“A Case study: COVID-19 patient in the ICU”- Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis, Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, Head of Nutrition Department, GNA Evangelismos

[i] : COVIDiet study (Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens): Multicenter study in 16 European countries, including Greece. In Greece, the study was conducted in April and May 2020 on 1488 participants.

COV-EAT study (Department of Nutrition Dietetics, University of Thessaly): Nationwide study in children and adolescents during the first wave of pandemic and inclusion, in 397 families.


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